Beginner Yoga Classes

Always wanted to try yoga? Don’t know where to start? 

We are pleased to introduce Beginner Yoga classes, for a limited time.

Learn the basics of yoga in a comfortable, spacious environment. During the 6 week program, we will introduce you to the basic poses, alignment, the use of props, and share why yoga is ideal for people of all ages and abilities. Through gentle movement and easy stretching, you will exercise every part of the body which can help reduce swelling in joints, increase mobility and improve your balance. 
REGISTER & PAY HERE: Beginner Yoga Class
Class Times:
Monday evening  6:30pm-7:30pm
Starting June 3rd
Tuesday daytime 12noon-1:00pm
Starting June 11th
6 weekly sessions
Cost $48 (6 classes)
Community Membership required
Lauren Cowley
200 YTT - Marianne Wells - Costa Rica
300 YTT - the beautiful Kate W. Mak - MYNAH school of yoga

REGISTER & PAY HERE: Beginner Yoga Class

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

What does Yoga mean?

Yoga, in Sanskrit, means to completely know yourself and to be at peace in yourself. It is a union between body and breath.

What should I wear & bring to classes? 

All you need is something that is comfortable and you can move freely in. It can be stretchy pants, or shorts, a t-shirt or a tank top. Yoga is done with bare feet, so no special shoes are required. If you have a yoga mat, please bring it and a bottle of water is all you need. We have several extra yoga mats available to borrow in class if you need one.

What if I have an injury, should I wait until it is better to start yoga?

No, you don't have to wait. We recommend that you inform the Yoga teacher before the session starts so that she can help you modify some of the movements if needed. Yoga can be therapeutic and restorative for people with injuries and helps increase flexibility, mobility, and strength.

I am a senior, can I join the classes?

Yes! The classes welcome all ages, especially seniors who enjoy a slower paced class with more attention to gentle stretches. There are many benefits to practicing yoga as a senior such as; increased mobility, improved balance & stability, and improved joint flexibility.

Should I eat before yoga class?

It is not recommended to have a big meal before class. A snack 1 hour before class starts is fine. Digestion of food requires energy and when you do yoga after a meal, your energy goes to the muscles you’re exercising and the body can’t digest the food properly. You will be more comfortable doing yoga without a full stomach.

What if I miss a class, can I attend on another day?

Yes, if you want to make up a class, you may drop into the class that is scheduled on a different day and time.

This program is volunteer-run by Parkhill Stanley Park community members.

For more information please contact email Shelley: or 403-870-5043

Class Schedule:

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Yoga Instructors: 

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