About us

The Parkhill Community Association is an non-profit society with an objective to promote and foster better relations among the residents of Parkhill Stanley Park Community Association and to serve the general community interest in any way possible.

This page is regarding the Community Association. For information regarding the community of Parkhill, please click here

We volunteer because we LOVE Parkhill

From community clean ups, to Christmas parties – we are volunteer powered. Strong Community Associations lead to robust communities, which in turn enhance overall life satisfaction and elevate land value. We are always in need of more assistance. If you are interested in supporting the organization by donating your time as a director or volunteering for an event, please reach out to us.

Please contact us to inquire or if you have any questions.

About the Name and Logo Change

The Board of Directors has approved adding a proposal to change our bylaws from “Parkhill Stanley Park” to simply “Parkhill” for the 2024 AGM. If this change is accepted, it will:

  1. Align our name with how the City of Calgary refers to us, as shown on the City community map: https://www.calgary.ca/council/wardboundarymap.html
  2. Ensure consistency with how neighboring communities identify us, as they commonly refer to us as “Parkhill”
  3. Result in a more concise name

Updating the website before the AGM was crucial as we are seeking more directors and community support. An updated website prior presents us in a more positive light.

Since the website was updated by volunteers, we took a proactive approach by assuming the outcome of the AGM vote and choosing “Parkhill” to avoid additional work in case our assumption is correct.


Mailing Address:
4013 Stanley Road S.W.
Calgary, AB. T2S 2P5

Office Phone & Rental Inquiries:

Board Email Contacts:

General Inquiries (communications inbox)
Vice President


We are governed by our bylaws, please find them at the following link: Bylaw link

Open Board Positions

Serving as a member of the Parkhill board of directors is an excellent opportunity to give back to the community, build connections, and acquire valuable volunteer experience and insights into local and municipal matters. If you have been considering it, this is the perfect moment to get involved! There are several openings available to make a positive impact on our community.

If you are interested, please contact the communication director @ communications@parkhillstanleypark.ca (when communication director role is vacant, mailbox is still monitored)

  • Director at Large
  • Facilities Director
  • Secretary
  • Social and Special Events Director
  • Grant Director
  • Development Director
  • Misc. ad-hoc committee members (non-elected)

Board & Committee Benefits

  • Opportunity to contribute to the welfare of the community
  • Provide leadership and community connections
  • Utilize your unique skill sets to help with the community’s business
  • A rewarding volunteer experience
  • Networking possibilities
  • Convenient & flexible meeting schedule
  • Low time commitment

Current  Community Association Team

We do our best to monitor vacent director mailboxes, but responses may be slower.

Executive Directors:

Board of Directors:

Programming (non-voting/non-elected directors):

Hall Manager:


    Directors shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting as Directors-at-­Large except for the Executive who are elected to their specific positions. Directors, when declaring their nomination, may indicate their preferred portfolio on the Board for consideration of the Executive.

    Directors must have an active community membership.

    Parkhill Redevelopment Plan

    The Parkill Redevelopment Plan may be found at the link below. This may be superceded by the City’s Chinook Local Area Plan. Please see the planning and development section of this website regarding the Chinook Local Area Plan.

    Link to the Parkhill Redevelopment Plan

    Annual General Meeting (AGM)

    According to our bylaws, we will hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year. When the date is set, the Association will inform the members through the newsletter and update the AGM page on this website. For further information, please refer to the AGM page. 

    Financial Statements

    A summary of the financial statements are presented yearly at the AGM. Residents with an active membership may request a copy of the Assocation’s financial statments by contacting the treasurer.