Sadly, we have lost the 419 bus service. Yet, we have gained the 90 bus service. Please see the info below. Several members of our board of directors attended the meetings with the City and tried very hard to save our 419 bus route but were unsuccessful.

The new routes are now available on the website.

The webpage is broken into three sections:

Section 1: Project history and initial route proposals – The initial proposal as well as the raw feedback received from the public and CCT

Section 2: Calgary Transit’s response to public feedback – Shows how Calgary Transit incorporated the feedback into revised plans

Section 3: New bus routes effective September 5, 2016 – The final plan to be implemented Public Information ·


Various digital strategies (e.g. e-mail alerts, Twitter, etc.) will be used to advertise the changes to the routes. (June – September) ·

All stops affected by the plan will be carded to inform people about the new routes at that stop for Sept 5 and to guide them to the website for more info (Early August) ·

Public info sessions will be held in August 2016 ahead of the changes to provide additional information to the public about the new routes. Will be advertised by bold signs well in advance, as well as through digital media (e.g. e-mail alerts) and signage at major stops and stations. (2-3 weeks prior to sessions) ·

Additional community events will be attended by Calgary Transit by invitation (July – August)

If you have any questions, please contact:

David Kosior
Transit Planner, Calgary Transit
The City of Calgary | Mail code: #166SG
T 403.537.7749 |