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Our yoga & fitness classes are taught by inspiring, professionally trained, and certified teachers that offer a variety of class styles for every level of experience.


Melanie Emlyn

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher
100hr Vinyasa YTT, Blacksmith Yoga, with Randelle Lusk & Jazz Braden
200hr Vinyasa YTT, Karma Teachers Vancouver, with Kent Brun

Melanie is a Calgary-based Yoga teacher, Holistic Nutritionist & Reiki Practitioner. Growing up as an athlete, she always had a passion for health & wellness. After becoming a Holistic Nutritionist in 2013 she began to understand that being healthy wasn’t just about what you put in your body, it was just as important to balance the emotional, spiritual and energetic aspects of yourself. Up until then, she had pursued yoga as injury-prevention and fitness but quickly began to see positive shifts in her mental, emotional and spiritual body. Yoga and meditation brought her to a place of deep connection and self-love and she understands that healing starts from the inside out. Melanie is passionate about sharing and creating safe space for others to connect to their true selves and find true love.

Her yoga classes focus on breath work, mind-body connection, and healing from the inside out– all complimented by contemporary music to form an inviting atmosphere. She inspires students and clients to connect with their authentic selves and embrace all of their unique abilities.

Melanie graduated from the 200-hour Vinyasa teacher-training program at Karma Teachers Vancouver. She’s taught at studios, workshops & retreats with Lululemon, Saje Wellness & Chloe’s Countertop and more.


Maggie Shull

Certified Yoga Instructor

The decision to become a yogi wasn’t one that I consciously made but rather one that unfolded through a series of life events and well-planned timing ( thanks Universe). Cliche as it may be, my practice began as a means to escape, and an attempt to mend, a very broken heart. While I have come to discover that yoga is much more than poses placed skillfully on a mat, it was this physical practice that gave me refuge. At a time in my life when nothing seemed to make sense, yoga did.

The initial step into my first YTT was one fuelled by a longing for something more. I am forever grateful to Rob Walker at the Alberta Yoga College for instilling a sense of curiosity in me and for allowing me to explore the transition from a student to both a student and teacher of yoga. Since graduating from the College I have been incredibly blessed to mentor daily under the gaze of my most cherished yoga teacher Tamara Terry.

Presently, I am completing my 300 RYT with Kate Mak at the Mynah school of yoga. In my classes, I aim to weave the physical practice with music, laughter, mindfulness, and most importantly, love. I will challenge you to move through the asana practice skillfully and ask that you trust yourself enough to move from a place of intention rather than one of habit. From one yogi to another, I would be honored and delighted to share my practice with you.





Lauren Cowley

200 YTT – Marianne Wells – Costa Rica
300 YTT – the beautiful Kate W. Mak – MYNAH school of yoga

My feet first landed on my yoga mat back in 2006 as a means to rehabilitate my body from injuries sustained as a nationally ranked figure skater. After a career-ending stress fracture in my lower back, I found myself back on my yoga mat working through the frustration of the healing process. But this time I also needed to work through my own mental resistance to slowing down. Those years gave me a wealth of knowledge of body awareness and proper alignment, which continue to be pillars in my style of teaching.

After spending 3 years traveling the world as a professional figure skater, a year backpacking through various countries, as well as finishing my Bachelor of Interior Design, I was ready to come back to my mat.

Yoga brought me back home to myself. It allowed me the space to stop living inside of my head and to live more in the moment, letting go of my own limiting beliefs and the need to be perfect.  Yoga to me is self-care, and self-care should feel good. Therefore, in my classes, I focus on each individual’s connection to self, encouraging them to gracefully move from a place of authenticity and love.

Off the mat, the adventure continues to be a huge part of my life. Whether it’s mountain escapades (rock climbing, skiing, boarding, or hiking), playing on circus silks, or ice cream adventures, you’ll always find me out exploring. Yoga helps to bring balance to this full lifestyle and in my downtime, you can find me jamming out on guitar or piano. This practice continues to inspire me, and hopefully all of you, in connection, in creating space, and in letting go of the stresses of day to day life.

Let’s live a life more inspired.






Amy Walsh

Certified Yoga Instructor
Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200)

Amy is a local Parkhill resident and yoga instructor. She has been practicing yoga for over fifteen years and was grateful to deepen her practice as a student of Rob Walker at the Alberta Yoga College teacher training program.

Her classes adopt a flowing vinyasa style with elements of breathwork and the occasional deeper, longer hold. Amy is passionate about movement, proprioception and breath, and their relationship to brain plasticity and adaptation.

Yoga makes us feel good and there are endless reasons why this is true; Amy loves to explore and express this mind/body/breath connection through her practice of teaching.








Hannah Riechbart

Certified Yoga Instructor

Hannah is a life-long yogi and a lover of all things movement – whether that be on the mat, in the ocean or high in the mountains. She’s inspired by travel, music, nature, photography, culture, and food. She brings her passion for community and connection into every class she takes and leads. Get ready to sweat, laugh and cheer each other on!





Tara Hohol

Certified Yoga Instructor (500-Hours) 
Tara is a born and raised Calgarian and started her yoga journey just over ten years ago (though she’s convinced it’s been lifetimes longer). For Tara, yoga is a way to create space and alignment within oneself and is the foundation for a meaningful life.
Through the gifts and challenges of the practice, Tara recently chose to take a leap of faith and pursue a very uncertain, but certainly more joyful, path ahead. Her classes are a little bit of everything, always with the intention of sifting through and opening up the energy lines of the body.
Besides an avid yogi and teacher, Tara is a holistic nutrition and functional medicine student, aspiring healer, and budding entrepreneur. 



Rowan Rocskar

Certified Yoga Instructor
First Aid, CPR C & AED certified

For me, Yoga is a chance to be present, and to focus on something other than “what’s next.” To focus on the breath. Feeling. Noticing. One of my favourite aspects of the physical practice is the humbling knowledge that each day is different. The Yoga community has brought me so much joy and created the most amazing friendships.

I love sharing my practice with others, and look forward to meeting you and experiencing your energy!



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