The Parkhill Stanley Park Community Association is committed to supporting area redevelopment that complements the existing community and supports the quality of life of our residents and community members.

The Parkhill Stanley Park Community Association’s Planning and Redevelopment Committee are working to ensure residents are informed of proposed developments in a timely manner.

To be kept informed of all proposed developments:

For a complete list of current PHSPCA area redevelopment applications:


How To Voice Your Opinion on Area Redevelopment Issues:

The most effective way to communicate your concerns regarding a development permit is to contact the City directly regarding a development permit. Residents can voice their concerns and affect the outcome of a decision on a proposed development by sending individual letters to the appropriate City planner who is in charge of the individual application. To find the contact information, visit the City of Calgary Development Map, locate the property you are interested in, click the development permit link (house-shaped icon), click ‘Find Out More’ and scroll down to Contact Information.
Please copy the PHSPCA of your written correspondence at

Other Helpful Links:

City of Calgary Planning & Development

City of Calgary Development Map: An interactive map that shows proposed developments. New applications (including Development Permits and Land Use Agreements) are posted every Tuesday by The City of Calgary.

City of Calgary Development Permits Public Notice

The City of Calgary is continuing to work on making the new planning system a reality, and these changes to the development permit process is one of many steps being taken in this direction. For the most current information, please visit the city website here.

Parkhill Stanley Park Area Redevelopment Plan PDF

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