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The Parkhill Community Association organizes community events year-round and welcomes new ideas and volunteers. If you have any suggestions or are interested in volunteering, please contact us at

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Number of House Holds


% of Pop. Younger than 40

Land Area

Park Space within the Community

Number of Shaun's

Refer to the City Parkhill Fact sheet for detailed demographic information:


Our Community Association Boundaries are:

NORTH – 33 Avenue; Mission Road; 34 Avenue
EAST – Macleod Trail South: Crescent Boulevard; 45 Avenue
WEST – 4 Street; Elbow River; 4 Street alignment; 42 Avenue.


Residents of Parkhill are fortunate to have numerous parks within and directly neighboring our community.

The Iconic Stanley Park

The majority of this 21-hectare public city park is situated within our community, providing convenient access. It offers a variety of amenities, from disc golf to water sports. For further information about this prominent park, visit the City’s website:

Don’t forget to visit the Princess Obolensky Park (technically part of Stanley Park) on top of the ridge overlooking the rest of Stanley Park, river valley and mountains!

Community Hall Field

Adjacent to our hall in the heart of our community, this park features exclusive Parkhill member-only tennis and pickleball courts, along with a public city playground and soccer field. You have the option to reserve the soccer field through the City (for a fee) or enjoy it freely when it’s not in use.

City soccer field booking (parkhill field is a “D” type and booking code “S1PKH02”:

Parkhill Community Assocation courts:

Roxboro Nature Preserve and Off-leash Area

Discover the hidden ridge path within this park, if you manage to locate it. Follow the path high above Roxboro on the steep ridge and relish breathtaking views of downtown. Below, you’ll find a playground, an off-leash park area and a walk along the river.

34ave Viewpoint

Stroll over to 34ave to get magnificent views of the City below. A convenient staircase takes you directly down to Mission Road

Parks within a 20-30min walk/5-10min ride

Don’t forget to checkout these additional nearby parks:

  • J.H. Woods Park between Elbow Drive and the Elbow River
  • Lindsey Park and its MNP Community and Sports Facility (pool, diving, gym, etc)
  • Riverdale Park – features a fenced off-leash park and senic walks along the river. Getting a littler further, but cross the bridge over to Sandy Beach park which is voted to have the best playground in the area, by me! Follow the river west to find this park!

City of San Francisco

Main: (255) 352-6258
Clerk: (255) 352-6259
Fire Department: (255) 352-6260

City Hall

1234 Divi St. #1000, San Francisco, CA 94220
8am – 5pm daily