Annual General Meeting (AGM)

AGM 2024


May 9, 2024 @7pm

Location: Parkhill Community Hall

The agenda will include:

  • Updates from the acting board members, including the priorities and vision for the community association, along with key challenges to be addressed in the coming year(s).
  • Ratification of the board of directors and information about upcoming volunteer opportunities.
  • Voting on proposed Bylaw amendments:

Proposed Bylaws Amendments

  1. Amend Clause 1.1 to replace “The name of the Society is the Parkhill Stanley Park Community Association, which may also be referred
    to as the ‘PHSP’ or the ‘Association” with “The name of the Society is the Parkhill Community Association, which may also be referred
    to as ‘Parkhill’ or the ‘Association’”
  2. Empower the Board of Directors to amend Clause 6.2.1 ‘Fiscal Year’ by a simple Board majority vote. If the Board amends Clause 6.2.1 (changing the fiscal year end), the vote must occur prior to Dec 31, 2024. Future updates, if required, will require the normal bylaw amendment procedure.
    1. Background:
      1. A year end of Sept 30 isn’t ideal as our auditor is unable to complete their scope before the Christmas break, causing delays to the AGM.
      2. To change the year end date of Sept 30th, the Community Association will need a second set of audited statements to ensure no period of greater then 12 months between audits. This will incur a one-time additional cost and the Board would like to ensure we are able to financially sustain this cost.

 At least three-­‐quarters (3/4) of the Voting Members present at the meeting must approve the change(s) to the Bylaws

Everyone is welcome! If someone would like to attend and does not yet have their membership, they can sign up for a membership at prior to the meeting, or memberships will be available at the door for purchase.

You must have a paid community membership no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting time.
If you live within the boundary area and have a current community member, you will be eligible to vote.

Purchase or Renew Memberships Here
Community Boundaries:

  • North: 33rd Ave; Mission Road: 34th Ave
  • East: Macleod Trail
  • South: Crescent Boulevard; 45th Ave
  • West: 4th Street; Elbow River; 4th Street Alignment; 42nd Ave