Board of Directors

Participating as a member of the PHSPCA board of directors is a great way to contribute and connect with your community while gaining valuable volunteer experience and knowledge of local and city affairs.

If you’ve been thinking about it, now is the time to join us! There are multiple opportunities available to help shape our community. The Parkhill Stanley Park Community Association is nominating community members for the following open board positions.

Please contact us to inquire or if you have any questions.

Board Positions Open:

  • Director at Large 

Board & Committee Member Benefits:

  • Opportunity to contribute to the welfare of the community
  • Provide leadership and community connections
  • Utilize your unique skill sets to help with the community’s business
  • A rewarding volunteer experience
  • Networking possibilities
  • Convenient & flexible meeting schedule
  • Low time commitment

If you would like to find out more about the volunteer positions available on the various committees or on the Board, please contact us.

Current Directors:

President:  Brandi Shuttleworth

Vice President: Margaret Francis

Treasurer: Shaun Kavalinas



Social and Special Events:

Programming: Shelley Bedford

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